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110 AED

Introducing Siempre Diez10 – our special coffee blend, crafted with love and inspired by our passion for football. Made by Fair Connection, it's a blend that's all about family, tradition, and the joy of the beautiful game.

From the start, "Siempre," meaning "always" in Spanish, was written above the number 10, or "diez," showing it's more than just a name – it's about the feelings we share as a family. This coffee isn't just beans mixed together; it's a mix of our memories, experiences, and our commitment to making something great, just like our love for football.

With every sip of Siempre Diez10, you'll feel like you're taking a trip down memory lane, smelling the freshly roasted coffee beans and feeling the excitement of a football match. It's a blend that brings people together, just like a football game does – no matter where you're from or who you support.

Siempre Diez10 isn't just about coffee or football; it's about the connections we make and the joy we share. Whether you're enjoying it alone or with friends, it's a reminder of the good things in life – like a great cup of coffee and cheering for your team.

Origin: Latinamerica, Sweden, Persia


Variety: Blend


SCA Score: 89


Characteristics: Brown Sugar, Chocolaty, Floral, Nuts, Honey.


[ 100% Arabica Beans ]

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