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We are an international family enterprise based in Dubai, with deep roots spanning Latin America and Sweden. Our journey with coffee commenced in 2003 when we joined the commercial team, dedicating ourselves to enhancing quality control and production in Bolivia and beyond. Coffee swiftly became more than just a commodity; it became the heartbeat of our daily lives, igniting conversations and fueling our unwavering passion for the industry.

Situated amidst prominent coffee-producing nations like Brazil, we strategically invested in this region to ensure unparalleled quality while upholding fair trade practices. In early 2022, our family-owned company, deeply intertwined with Bolivian heritage, proudly embraced the role of exclusive importer, introducing the flavors of Bolivia to the UAE and global markets alike.

Since establishing ourselves in the UAE in 2018, our foremost objective has been to uphold exceptional standards and maintain utmost transparency. We take immense pride in our commitment to sourcing and delivering only the finest coffee beans. Through rigorous quality control measures, each cup of coffee embodies the authentic flavors and rich cultural heritage of its origin.

However, our mission transcends mere product provision; it's deeply rooted in fostering connections. We cherish the relationships cultivated with our customers, coffee growers, and the communities we engage with. By prioritizing transparency and fairness across our supply chain, we endeavor to nurture a sustainable and prosperous coffee industry, one that leaves a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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